William Joseph - Be Still
Katherine Nelson - Born Brave
Garth Smith - How Beautiful Thy Temples
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About YourLDSmusicstore

Your LDS Music Store is the best place to find great LDS music in a variety of styles from new and established Mormon artists. We make it easy for you to find Mormon music downloads, sheet music, CDs, songbooks, and other items at affordable prices. We’ve been selling positive and inspirational Mormon music online since 2008, and we continue to expand our catalog of family-friendly LDS songs.

LDS Music Artists

We take great pride in the Mormon artists we feature on this site. You’ll find several well-known LDS musicians, along with many hidden treasures that will become your new favorites. Our selection of products includes items from a number of prominent Mormon musicians, including Jon Schmidt, Peter Brienholt, Katherine Nelson, Daniel Beck, Kirby Heyborne, William Joseph, and Janice Kapp Perry. These LDS artists span a number of different genres but all maintain strong moral themes in their music.

We are always looking for new Mormon musicians to feature on our site. If you would like to promote your LDS music on our site, please contact us.

LDS Church Music Downloads

One of the best things about operating an online Mormon music store is that we can sell many of our favorite LDS songs from Mormon artist through instant downloads. For just 99 cents per song, you can purchase your favorite missionary music, Mormon Primary songs, or Contemporary Christian music and listen to it within minutes. We also have entire albums available for download.

Please check back often for featured free LDS music, seasonal Christmas church songs, and other LDS music downloads on our website.

LDS Music & Much More

Whether you have come here to buy a specific album or just want some new Mormon music to listen to, our website is the place to find it. Our selection includes LDS choir music, missionary music, Mormon Primary music, Christian music downloads, Christmas church songs, kids’ church songs, and so much more. We’re confident that you will return again and again to build your collection of LDS songs.