About Us

Launched in 2008 in Salt Lake City, Utah, yourLDSmusicstore.com (formerly PositiveMusicandDownloads.com) has an extensive library of LDS music options. We are passionate about providing clean, positive music for LDS fans and musicians. You can visit yourLDSmusicstore.com knowing you will find family-friendly content and an easy to use site.

In addition to CDs and songs, at yourLDSmusicstore.com you will find a selection of LDS sheet music, songbooks, and more! yourLDSmusicstore caters to a variety of needs - from music for Primary children to music for your Ward Trek. You can also get EFY materials including sheet music, minus tracks, and accompaniments. We carry only the music that we enjoy, and we take pride in making today’s LDS music available worldwide.

Not only do we offer a wide assortment of LDS music to download or purchase as a CD, we’re also dedicated to supporting local musicians. If you are an artist looking to retail your music on yourLDSmusicstore.com, please send us an email to get started. Although we can’t promise that your album will end up on our site, we do listen to every demo we receive in an effort to find the best music for our users.