A Woman's Heart - Downloadable Sheet Music
Tyler Castleton; Staci Peters

The Steady & Sure CD features 12 tracks, including "Steady & Sure," the title track by Jessie Clark Funk, as well as "Amazing Grace," by Daniel Beck, "A Woman's Heart," by Felicia Wolf, "Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee," by Mindy Gledhill, and "Dream Big," by Ryan Shupe and The Rubber Band. Other artists include Ben Truman, Megan Flinders, Greg Simpson, Hilary Weeks, Terry White, Tim Gates, and a group song "Hurrah for Israel," by Daniel Beck, Megan Flinders, Jessie Clark Funk and Dan Kartchner.


*"Dream Big" from Ryan Shupe is included on the CD version, but is not downloadable nor in the songbook due to copyright restrictions.



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A Woman's Heart A Woman's Heart $2.95