Beautiful Savior (solo voice / piano) - Downloadable Sheet Music
Arranged by Arlen L. Card

The ideal resource for inspiring and appropriate Sacrament Meeting special musical numbers. The right musical number makes any Sacrament Meeting better; and the Brethren encourage spiritual musical numbers in our Sunday worship.

This 250+ page songbook is filled with thoughtful and moving arrangements, created especially for Sunday worship and other special occasions.This remarkable songbook includes arrangements for solo piano, piano and flute/violin or any C instrument, vocal solo with piano, organ, organ and piano; plus SATB, SSA and TTBB choir arrangements and more.

60 Favorite Hymns is the perfect songbook for Stake or Ward music leaders, and a must for every home.

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Beautiful Savior (solo voice / piano) Beautiful Savior (solo voice / piano) $2.95