Brand New Shoes CD
Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband

"Brand New Shoes" is the rocking, cross-genre, acousti-jam CD from Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand. Whether it's the acoustic reggae pop song "Meant to Be," the country music parody "Baldy," the bluegrass political satire "One of Those Guys," the world beat "My Dandelion," or the jamming "He Knows Karate," this album features top notch musicianship, witty creative songwriting and great musical depth. The title track is a fun jam dance tune about a kid's pair of "Brand New Shoes" that not only helps him run faster and jump higher, but lands him on the news stations and gets everyone talking. It's PostHeeHawFunkadelicHipHopNewGrass in its finest form!

Name Price
Meant to Be $0.99
Brand New Shoes $0.99
Cry $0.99
My Dandelion $0.99
Lift Me Up $0.99
He Knows Karate $0.99
Baldy $0.99
How Does Love Feel $0.99
Keep Believing $0.99
Beep, Beep, Beep $0.99
One of Those Guys $0.99
How Could I $0.99

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