Free As a Butterfly CD
Ellis Hadlock

Let a butterfly float by your ears, and enjoy some pleasant and colorful sounds of music. Each song carries an inspiring sense of beauty and power. A mix that produces the softer and harder side between the wings. This butterfly can be gentle and rock you too. Get on board for a butterfly journey. Press Release for Free As a Butterfly... "This project seems to draw from past song creation and experience. Hadlock has truly reached a higher peak in his music. From graceful easy listening moods to a solid rock core, simply put, a sound of tremendous expression."

Name Price
Emerge $0.99
Free As a Butterfly $0.99
Wings that Sing $0.99
Light on Petals $0.99
Wing 2 It $0.99
Color My Flutter $0.99
Land by Me $0.99
Rock on the Fly $0.99
Jungle Travels $0.99
Jungle Travels (rock mix) $0.99

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