The Best of Peter Breinholt CD
Peter Breinholt

In the early 1990s, Mormon artist Peter Brienholt was a Utah college student playing his songs in small local venues and restaurants. His music was so well received that he soon started recording his songs in a Salt Lake City recording studio. The music caught on like wildfire in the state, especially on college campuses. Soon enough, he was playing his LDS-friendly music in sold-out venues in Utah, California, Washington, Texas, and New York.


Since that time, Mormon artist Peter Brienholt has delighted listeners with a number of fun and energetic tracks. Enjoy his LDS music with The Best of Peter Brienholt, a compilation of Peter's most beloved songs, as well as 11 tracks that were either previously unreleased, unavailable, re-mixed, or newly written for this project. This album has become the collection for starters, as it reminds us what we have loved in Peter's music for so many years.


Some favorites found on this album are "Jerusalem," "What About," "A Call I Hear," and "You Wear Flowers." Listen to samples of this LDS music by clicking the blue "Play" buttons below, or purchase them for just 99 cents each. You can also download the entire album for only $9.99, or order the CD for $15.95. To see our complete collection of Mormon artist Peter Brienholt’s work, click here.

Name Price
Jerusalem $0.99
Grow Old With Me $0.99
You Wear Flowers $0.99
In This Heartland $0.99
Songs About the Great Divide $0.99
Drive This Road $0.99
A Call I Hear $0.99
Tilting the Windmills $0.99
Little Bird $0.99
Queen Ole $0.99
Blue, Red, and Grey $0.99
Got to Get Home (Fish Shop) $0.99
What About $0.99
Train Going South $0.99
Boat to Rome $0.99
All the Color Green $0.99
When August Comes $0.99
Call My Name (Hold My Hand) $0.99
Edwin's Tale-1862 $0.99
Everything Will Be Alright $0.99

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