Live September CD
Peter Breinholt & Big Parade

Recorded over three sold-out nights at the famous Sundance Amphitheater, this may be the quintessential Peter Breinholt concert captured on tape. Not only does it showcase the chemistry of Peter's band, but it also captures a audience's apparent affection for Peter and his music. Recorded just three days after 9/11, the album also provides a rare snapshot of the emotional fragility that existed among both audience and performer (and a whole country) during that period of time.

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Say Your Name, Dear Jane $0.99
Knocking on My Door $0.99
A Call I Hear $0.99
Landslide $0.99
And She's True $0.99
Jerusalem $0.99
Birken Street $0.99
Blah, Blah, Blah $0.99
When August Comes $0.99
Sweetly Sleeps $0.99
You Wear Flowers $0.99
Poor Boys Alternate $0.99
Here, There, & Everywhere $0.99
Edwin's Tale-1862 $0.99
Jubilee $0.99
Long Way to Run $0.99
What About $0.99

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