Due West CD
Due West

In late 2009, Matt, Tim, Brad and their producer Jason Deere decided to put off the hunt for a record deal for a season and make an album on their own. They chose the best songs they could find, most of which were written by Due West and/or Deere. They finished the album in the spring of 2010 and released this, their debut album on April 27, 2010.

The first single, "I Get That All the Time", was the highest charting independent single in 2009 and the video went to #3 on the GAC fan voted chart. "The four of us poured our hearts into this album. We love it. It is the reason that we have the opportunities that we have today", says band member Brad Hull. The album, the single and the video got the attention of executives at Black River Entertainment, where Due West signed in the fall of 2010. Band member Tim Gates says, "This album will always be the beginning for us. Our maiden voyage. Where it all began."

Name Price
22 Hours A Day $0.99
Country Music Made A Man Out Of Me $0.99
When The Smoke Clears $0.99
Good To Be Loved By You $0.99
Bible & The Belt $0.99
I Get That All The Time $0.99
County Fair $0.99
Try Living In A Small Town $0.99
Wake Up The Neighborhood $0.99
Sweet Gravity $0.99
Tip Jar $0.99
Don't Rock It $0.99
Tell Her $0.99
Due West $0.99
So Long My Friend $0.99

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