70 Favorite Children's Songs by Janice Kapp Perry CD
Janice Kapp Perry

This collector's edition DOUBLE CD set contains all 70 of the songs from Janice's first four children's albums: "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus," "A Child's Prayer," "The Church of Jesus Christ," and "Happiness Comes in Colors."

Name Price
A Boy Named Joseph Smith $0.99
A Boy Like Me $0.99
A Child's Prayer $0.99
An Attitude of Gratitude $0.99
Another Testament of Christ $0.99
Anyone Can Pray $0.99
At Conference Time $0.99
Birthday, Birthday $0.99
Daddy, I Love You $0.99
Darkness $0.99
Do Unto Others $0.99
Everybody Loves to Dance $0.99
Ezra Taft Benson $0.99
Faith Grows That Way $0.99
Faith Is Believing $0.99
Feelings $0.99
Friendly Balloons $0.99
Get to Know the World $0.99
Grandma & Grandpa Are Called on a Mission $0.99
Hypocrite Rock $0.99
I Care About You $0.99
I Come to the Water $0.99
I Know $0.99
I Know My Father Loves Me $0.99
I Love the Book of Mormon $0.99
I Love to Remember $0.99
I Love to See the Temple $0.99
I Pray in Faith $0.99
I Sing Good Morning $0.99
I Talk With Heavenly Father $0.99
I Will Always Obey $0.99
I Wonder $0.99
I Wonder Why $0.99
If Happiness Comes in Colors $0.99
Imagine Me, a Missionary $0.99
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus $0.99
Jesus Is My Shepherd $0.99
Jesus, Listening, Can Hear $0.99
Jesus Understands Children $0.99
Just Do Your Best $0.99
Love Is Spoken Here $0.99
My Baptism Day $0.99
My Blessings $0.99
Mother, Tell Me the Story $0.99
Mother, When I See You Smile $0.99
My Daddy Reminds Me $0.99
My Own Family $0.99
My Own Little Lamp $0.99
Prayer $0.99
Repentance $0.99
Show and Tell $0.99
Sing for The Lord Is Listening $0.99
Single Snowflakes $0.99
Something Good About Myself $0.99
Speak to Me Gently $0.99
The Church of Jesus Christ $0.99
The Happiest Kind of Feeling $0.99
The Language of Smile $0.99
The Prophet I Know Best $0.99
The Sabbath Was Made for Man $0.99
The Whole World Has a Party $0.99
The Word of Wisdom $0.99
To Every Nation $0.99
To Be Happy $0.99
We Are Free to Choose $0.99
We Follow the Prophet $0.99
We'll Bring the World His Truth $0.99
What Would Jesus Do? $0.99
When It's Time for My Mission $0.99
Where Is Heaven $0.99

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