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Katherine Nelson

*The Born Brave songbook is now available! Please note that the song "Emma" is not included in the songbook.*

Fans of Mormon films have become familiar with Katherine Nelson in recent years, as she has played the role of Emma Smith in Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration and Emma Smith: My Story, along with major roles in LDS pioneer sagas 17 Miracles and Ephraim’s Rescue. But Katherine is also an accomplished Mormon artist whose voice you may recognize from many widely distributed compilations of LDS music. In her most recent release, Born Brave, Katherine Nelson takes center stage to demonstrate her talents in a wide range of fun and uplifting songs.

Mormon artist Katherine Nelson will lead listeners into a world of positivity and excitement through country-infused tracks like "We Are," "Don’t Tell Me," and "Born." You’ll also find stripped-down and introspective numbers, including "Brave," "What’s Mine Is Yours," and "Emma," a touching tribute to the woman she has portrayed in film. Katherine Nelson's Born Brave boldly pays tribute to the triumphs and challenges in every woman's life. Recorded in Nashville, the songs explore themes of heartache and joy through her distinctive voice and songwriting style. Nelson says, "I wanted to create an album that lets every mother, wife, sister, and daughter know that even the greatest challenges can be overcome."

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