Everything Speaks His Name MP3 Album
Jessie Clark Funk

Jessie's stirring voice and inspiring songs have made her one of the most beloved recording artists in LDS music; and a favorite youth speaker and performer. Her first two albums, Clay in His Hands & Better Than I, have garnered numerous Pearl Awards, and inspired listeners around the world. Filled with touching songs of hope, faith, celebration, and testimony, Everything Speaks His Name features Jessie at her best.

Name Price
All The Proof I Need $0.99
No One Knows My Heart $0.99
Again $0.99
Carry Me $0.99
The One That I Need $0.99
Everything Speaks His Name $0.99
The Real Me $0.99
Take Me There $0.99
In His Love $0.99
Please Come $0.99
Calling All Angels $0.99
The Prayer (duet with Dan Beck) $0.99
There Is A Green Hill Far Away $0.99

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