Arizona Rain MP3 Album
The Alstons

The Alston sisters grew up in a large family in Tucson, AZ and have had many years together to refine their angelic vocal harmonies. Theresa and Lindsey have performed together since they were very young. Having many influences, they adapted a new style of contemporary country, with a flavor of the classics blended with the energy of the new pop and rock generation. These young ladies have proven that they are quite as adept at writing music as they are at performing. They recently spent some time in Nashville where they, along with a third sister, Kathy, recorded Arizona Rain. The girls have a profound love of music, and this album truly portrays that. Currently based out of Arizona, they've formed a band in Phoenix consisting of Jason Spencer, Dave Young, Rick Dalton, and Robert Valverde. We hope you find the time to close your eyes, and open your mind to the sweet sounds of the Southwest, with the Alstons.

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Arizona Rain $0.99
OK to Cry Now $0.99
Look What You've Done to Me $0.99
To Know Him Is to Love Him $0.99
Tired of Holdin' On $0.99
Let The Girls Sing $0.99
Can't Cry Hard Enough $0.99
I'm Gonna Find Me $0.99
Tell Me Again $0.99
Daddy's Little Girl $0.99

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