A Child's Prayer MP3 Album
Janice Kapp Perry

18 songs on the basic principles of the Church make up this beautiful, well-loved children's collection.

Name Price
A Child's Prayer $0.99
What Would Jesus Do? $0.99
To Ev'ry Nation $0.99
My Own Little Lamp $0.99
The Word of Wisdom $0.99
Ezra Taft Benson $0.99
I Love the Book of Mormon $0.99
I Come to the Water $0.99
Sing, for The Lord Is Listening $0.99
My Own Family $0.99
Faith Is Believing $0.99
A Boy Named Joseph Smith $0.99
I Pray in Faith $0.99
The Sabbath Was Made for Man $0.99
I Know My Father Loves Me $0.99
Jesus Understands Children $0.99
A Boy Like Me $0.99
At Conference Time $0.99

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