I Love to See the Temple MP3 Album
Janice Kapp Perry; Lynne Perry Christofferson

Fourteen children's songs by Janice Kapp Perry, an update of her original title song by son Steven Kapp Perry, and five great songs by daughter Lynne Perry Christofferson, make this collection of 20 children's songs a best-seller. Also available in Spanish.

Name Price
Teach a Child / I Love to See the Temple $0.99
Little Seeds $0.99
If Jesus Were Watching $0.99
The Beautiful Gift of Jesus $0.99
Every Person Has a Conscience $0.99
Hand in Hand $0.99
How Would it Be? $0.99
My Tithing $0.99
Just Like You $0.99
What a Beautiful World God Made $0.99
Teach Me About the Temple $0.99
When Jesus Is King $0.99
I Lived With Heavenly Father $0.99
I Love a Good Mystery $0.99
When Jesus Comes Again $0.99
Prophets and Apostles $0.99
Today I Will Be Baptized $0.99
Faith in Every Footstep $0.99
When I Hear the Prophet $0.99
One Voice in Tune With the Spirit $0.99

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