I Walk By Faith (2010) MP3 Album
Janice Kapp Perry; Joy Saunders Lundberg

Visit any ward in the world, from Taipei to Transylvania, and you'll find Young Women singing "I Walk By Faith" and the Value songs from this collection. Also available in Spanish (see foreign language section of this website.) The new English version has a revised title song (adding in Virtue which was added to the values in 2009) and also a new song for the new value. The new recording of the title song was done by the recording group One Clear Voice.

Name Price
I Walk By Faith $0.99
The Rising Generation $0.99
In Perfect Faith $0.99
My Nature Is Divine $0.99
I Am of Infinite Worth $0.99
A Wonderful Time to Learn $0.99
Choose You This Day $0.99
Let Your Light So Shine $0.99
Integrity $0.99
The Value of Virtue $0.99
Learn of Me $0.99

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