A Day in Spring MP3 Album
The Salt Lake Children's Choir

The Salt Lake Children's Choir is an absolute delight on this CD; these young singers are a joy to hear. Their voices are pure and crystalline, and their diction and intonation are perfect.The choir performs with a high degree of professionalism that

Name Price
Greeting $0.99
My Heart Is in Bloom $0.99
To Music $0.99
In the Open Air $0.99
Greeting $0.99
Song of the Skylark $0.99
The Rose Sighed $0.99
Moonlit Night $0.99
De Norjske Fjelde $0.99
Ca' the Yowes $0.99
Sweet Woodlark $0.99
Follow Me Down to Carlow $0.99
Il Pleut, Bergere $0.99
Zalet' Sokol $0.99
Tehcho Nad Richkuyu $0.99
Reverie $0.99
The Waltz $0.99
Heigh Ho $0.99
Alleluia $0.99
Air $0.99
Little Lamb $0.99
Psalm 23 $0.99
Evening Prayer $0.99
A Day in Spring $0.99

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