A Day in Spring MP3 Album
The Salt Lake Children's Choir

The Salt Lake Children's Choir is an absolute delight on this album, with voices that are pure and crystalline, and diction and intonation of near perfection. The choir performs with a high degree of professionalism that speaks volumes for its founder and director, Ralph B. Woodward. And it's Woodward's vision and dedication that have fashioned the Salt Lake Children's Choir into one of the premiere vocal groups of its kind in the country. The CD opens with a group of art songs by Grieg, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Schumann, and the relatively unknown Robert Franz. These pieces are sung with sensitivity and tender expression. Particularly beautiful is the choir's interpretation of Schumann's "Moonlit Night" ("Mondnacht.") There's also a set of European folk songs, which the choir sings in the original languages, and the album includes a group of songs written by Woodward.

Name Price
Greeting $0.99
My Heart Is in Bloom $0.99
To Music $0.99
In the Open Air $0.99
Greeting $0.99
Song of the Skylark $0.99
The Rose Sighed $0.99
Moonlit Night $0.99
De Norjske Fjelde $0.99
Ca' the Yowes $0.99
Sweet Woodlark $0.99
Follow Me Down to Carlow $0.99
Il Pleut, Bergere $0.99
Zalet' Sokol $0.99
Tehcho Nad Richkuyu $0.99
Reverie $0.99
The Waltz $0.99
Heigh Ho $0.99
Alleluia $0.99
Air $0.99
Little Lamb $0.99
Psalm 23 $0.99
Evening Prayer $0.99
A Day in Spring $0.99

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