Friends For Life DVD
Grizzly Adams Family Entertainment

Four orphaned wolf pups... A man facing a lonely future... And the act of kindness that saved them all. It is a story that will touch your heart. Big city attorney Jim Crawford had won most of the battles in his life, but he couldn't win the battle against his wife's illness. Devastated and alone, he is left to face a lonely future. But suddenly, an unexpected twist of fate (or perhaps even an angel) leads Jim to discover four orphaned wolf pups who face certain death unless he takes them in. Unprepared for the task, but unwilling to see them suffer, he takes them into his care and keeping. It is a daunting task with unintended...sometimes hilarious consequences. As the wolf pups grow, so does Jim's love for them. But wolves are creatures of the wild, and Jim is faced with the excruciating decision to return his companions from whence they came. He does so, hoping they'll remember him...fearing they won't. Reluctantly, he must say goodbye...once again. What Jim doesn't anticipate is the way in which his four beloved friends repay his a surprising and courageous way. From the creator of The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams... You'll want your whole family to share in this heartwarming story of love and despair... of losing everything and gaining a renewed vision of purpose... of experiencing the joy of helping those in need, and discovering a greater meaning of life itself.

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