Messiah in America MP3 Album
Mormon Choral Organizations

Messiah in America is inspired by the great oratorios that span the last three centuries. The work intentionally draws from four epochs in music history. With Baroque counterpoint, Classical simplicity, Romantic melody and depth, and Contemporary drama and rhythmic flare, Messiah in America bows to the great composers spanning from Bach and Handel to Tchaikovsky, Holst, Prokofief, and beyond. The work consists of 34 movements, representative of the year 34 A.D. when Christ appeared to the ancient inhabitants of the American continent. From the torturous agony of wickedness and destruction to the transcendent parting of the heavens and descension of Christ and His angelic hosts, Messiah in America musically evokes mankind's intrinsic pining for the journey out of darkness and into light.

Note from the composer: Central to the Book of Mormon is Jesus Christ's visit to the inhabitants of the American continent after His death and resurrection, and this is the subject of the oratorio "Messiah In America." Some of Christ's greatest doctrines were preached during this visit. It would take a second oratorio of even greater length to capture all of it. I have only attempted to relate the story and include some of the more precious and sacred scenes. Using the immortal Handel's "Messiah" as a blueprint, with the assistance of Bruce Richardson the libretto was comprised of text taken directly from the Book of Mormon, without poetic insertions, in order to maintain scriptural integrity. --Brett Stewart

Name Price
No. 1: One fold, one shepherd $0.99
No. 2: Overture - Victory March $0.99
No. 3: May The Lord preserve his people $0.99
No. 4: And their hearts were swollen with joy $0.99
No. 5: There began to be some disputings;
No. 6: Now the cause of this iniquity
No. 7: And the people were divided $0.99
No. 8: The people turned from their righteousness $0.99
No. 9: Peace but a few years $0.99
No. 10: There arose a great storm;
No. 11: There was thick darkness;
No. 12: O that we had repented
No. 13: There was a voice heard;
No. 14: Wo, wo, wo unto this people
No. 15: O ye people of the house of Israel $0.99
No. 16: And the darkness dispersed $0.99
No. 17: There were a great multitude gathered;
No. 18: Behold my Beloved Son;
No. 19: And they cast their eyes up again towards heaven
No. 20: And he stretched forth his hand;
No. 21: Behold, I am Jesus Christ;
No. 22: And the whole multitude fell to the earth;
No. 23: Arise and come forth unto me
No. 24: Hosanna! $0.99
No. 25: Jesus cast his eyes round about;
No. 26: The eye hath never seen
No. 27: And Jesus arose $0.99
No. 28: Behold your little ones;
No. 29: They cast their eyes toward heaven
No. 30: And there came a cloud $0.99
No. 31: Verily, verily, I say unto you;
No. 32: Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice
No. 33: And the Holy One of Israel must reign $0.99
No. 34: Amen $0.99

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