One Mind, One Heart: Testimonies of The Savior MP3 Album
inVOICE Records

The acclaimed 2001 release now available in digital format, One Mind, One Heart: Testimonies of The Savior, is a collection of original sacred songs about the Savior, Jesus Christ, composed by a selection of LDS musicians. The life of Christ is the most intriguing and captivating story of love, joy, peace, and hope, and has touched the lives of millions throughout history. Through music we wish to express to the world our thoughts, feelings, experiences, and testimonies of the Savior. From the powerful instrumental strains of "Miracles" to the breathtaking plea of "Pour Over Me," we join as one mind and one heart to paint a beautiful picture of the love and mercy our Lord, Jesus Christ offers to all of God's children. Come, and partake.

Name Price
One Mind, One Heart $0.99
With His Stripes $0.99
Living Water $0.99
The Mission $0.99
Turn to Him $0.99
Here Am I $0.99
Miracles $0.99
Pour Over Me $0.99
The Fire in My Soul $0.99
Testimony $0.99

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