The Way It Is CD
Charley Jenkins

Charley’s latest album, The Way it Is is genuine country music that Charley’s fans know him for with a refined edge that reflects his growth both personally and as a country artist. The Way it Is is Charley’s fourth album, and while his longtime fans will appreciate the authentic country sound and energy they are used to hearing from Charley, the album explores new territory that will definitely captivate new fans as well.

Charley said of his latest album, “This new album is reflective of how I really feel and who I really am. I put my heart and soul into this album, and had a wonderful team who worked on it with me. All my albums are like my kids. I love them all for different reasons, but I feel like The Way it Is is the most mature and developed of all my albums and reflects my own growth.”


Enjoy this music video for the song, "The Mountain."

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Anything But You $0.99
That Mountain $0.99
Nothing Is Impossible $0.99
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If You Didn't Love Me $0.99
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Time On My Hands $0.99
Benefits of Being Lonely $0.99
Men Don't Women Do $0.99
All I'll Ever Need $0.99

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