The Dance - Music From The Motion Picture CD
Various Artists

The Dance is a romantic comedy about three couples in different stages of love and life who come together on a dance floor at Harvard University. Before the music ends these couples will unveil their humor, passions, heartache and hope in this unapologetic glimpse into the complicated and witty reality of human relationships.


Name Price
This Is Us $0.99
Used To $0.99
We're On Our Way $0.99
Words In The Kitchen $0.99
Earth's Blue Canvas $0.99
How Can You Forget $0.99
Right Now Baby $0.99
More Than Anything Else $0.99
On Fire $0.99
Without You $0.99
Enough $0.99
Good To You $0.99
Fiften Feet Away $0.99
Allison $0.99
Come To Know $0.99
Star Bright $0.99
'The Dance' Opening Titles $0.99

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