It's Latter-Day Night Live Biscuit CD
Johnny Biscuit

Latter-Day Night Live Biscuit stars stand-up comedian Johnny Biscuit in this feature-length comedy film, bringing his trademark wit and searing insight to LDS culture! The Biscuit riffs on everything from handcarts to handicrafts to everyday oddities found in Mormon culture. Replete with laugh-out-loud moments,Latter-Day Night Live Biscuit will leave you in stitches!

Comedy album recorded LIVE at Fat, Dumb & Happy's Comedy Club.

Name Price
No More Crafts $0.99
High School Blues $0.99
Cheer Squad $0.99
Band Geeks $0.99
BYU Football $0.99
Campus Construction $0.99
Bike Cops $0.99
Pioneer Proud $0.99
Conference Report $0.99
Tab Choir $0.99
Operation Satan Storm $0.99
Zion $0.99
Happy Valley $0.99
Clogging Therapy $0.99
Utah vs. Idaho $0.99
Fun at the Lake $0.99
Family Road Trips $0.99
Redneck Gang $0.99
Bodies Are Temples $0.99
LDS Movies $0.99
Roadkill $0.99

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