Star Child CD
Doug Stewart

Like Saturday's Warrior, Star Child begins in the pre-existence, where Larry learns he is to be born a non-member in a foreign land. His best friend, Chuck, promises to find him and bring him the gospel. He also pledges to find and marry his sweetheart, Marie, so young Michael and Sarah can have the parents they've always dreamed of.

The shy and nervous Mitzi worries that "with a body covering up her sweet spirit," she will never find love in mortality, while the indomitable Betty Lou is determined to catch her man. And waiting on earth, to stir everything up, is that lovable duo, Elders Kestler and Greene. Star Child deals with making hard moral choices, and being true to the "Star Child" that's in us.

Doug Stewart's script is filled with humor and pathos, and Gaye Beeson's soaring music is unforgettable. Star Child will delight and inspire the whole family.

Name Price
Tall $0.99
Star Child Theme - Tall $0.99
The Hunt $0.99
He's Waiting $0.99
The Promise $0.99
High Places $0.99
Star Child Theme (reprise) $0.99
Joe Cool $0.99
The Real You $0.99
Follow the Light $0.99
Land of Milk and Honey $0.99
Dream of My Dreams $0.99
Royal Army Production $0.99
Which Way? $0.99
Mission in Life $0.99
Within Me $0.99
What Love Can Do $0.99
Star Child $0.99
A Royal Army $0.99
Tall (instrumental) $0.99
The Promise - Star Child $0.99
Finale $0.99
Tall (reprise) $0.99

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