A Mother's Lullabies MP3 Album
Cara Marie Harris

A Mother’s Lullabies is full of soothing, uplifting Primary songs appropriate for all ages. While attending BYU Education week and listening to Janice Kapp Perry and Marvin Goldstein, Cara Harris was prompted to create an album of lullabies to share the beautiful truths of these songs with her own family and stand as a clear, simple musical testament in the homes and hearts of children everywhere. These Christ-centered songs are a powerful method of sharing the gospel and teaching little ones about God’s love for them.


Pianist and Arranger - Ellen Amatangelo


Artist Description


Cara has always loved music and singing. Even as a young girl she adored listening to her parents sing from the Children's LDS Songbook and, in high school, she sang in several choirs. She joined the Latter-day Celebration choir at Utah Valley University in Spring of 2006 and continued to refine her talent as a member of that special group. It was there she recognized music as the powerful tool it could be in uplifting those in attendance.


In the Fall of 2013 she felt prompted to begin recording A Mother's Lullabies. This special opportunity to create and share uplifting music fulfilled a life-long tugging from the Spirit to testify of the Lord's love via simple truths and beautiful songs. Cara loves bringing the light of Christ into her home through music and example. Being a mother and wife truly is the greatest and most important job she has ever had.


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A Child's Prayer $0.99
My Heavenly Father Loves Me $0.99
Mother, Tell Me the Story $0.99
I Am a Child of God $0.99
Teach Me to Walk in the Light $0.99
I Love to See the Temple $0.99
Families Can Be Together Forever $0.99
Love is Spoken Here $0.99
Love One Another $0.99
I'm Trying to be Like Jesus $0.99
The Church of Jesus Christ $0.99
We'll Bring the World His Truth $0.99

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