Homeless Songs CD
Cherie Call

Cherie Call returns with her 8th full length album, Homeless Songs. Cherie weaves her storytelling and organic sounds into songs of heartbreak, redemption, and new love, with melodies you'll find yourself singing in your sleep.


Artist  Description


Cherie Call was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and has been writing music since her early teens. March of 2014 marks the release of Cherie’s eighth full length album, Homeless Songs. Some highlights of Cherie’s performing life include playing “in the round” at Nashville’s famous Bluebird Cafe, being a finalist in the prestigious Kerrville Newfolk songwriting competition, opening for bluegrass legend Tim O’Brien at the University of Utah, and performing with the beloved hymn revival supergroup, “The Lower Lights”. Cherie’s songs have been included on several albums produced for the LDS Especially for Youth summer programs, and also on the soundtracks to many independent films, including God’s Army, Charly, and the Banff Award winning film, “True Fans”. Cherie currently lives in Utah with her husband, three daughters and a son.



Name Price
I'm Home $0.99
It Isn't Your Song $0.99
Making Peace With A Dream That Won't Come True $0.99
The Day The Stars Came Down $0.99
I Am A Homeless Song $0.99
Love Me If You Can $0.99
Stronger Than I Was Before $0.99
Big Yellow Moon $0.99
Marry Me $0.99
The Fall $0.99
Sweet, Sweet Dreams $0.99

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