EFY Hits in Spanish: El sol va a salir MP3 Album
Various Artists

For the first time ever, the very best in EFY music is available in Spanish! Featuring some of the most beloved songs in the inspirational world, including a soul- stirring Spanish-language version of “Glorious” sung by up-and-coming Latin Pop artist Alex Melecio. Rebecca Lopez, the best-known voice in the emerging LDS Latin music world, delivers a riveting performance of “Mi oración”, an adaptation of Stephanie Smith’s “Every Word”, and Mexican-american singer Tishna Campbell brings her jaw-dropping signature tone to songs like “En cada corazón” (See It In Everyone) and “Justo donde estás” (Right Where You Are).

 Filled with the very best in today’s LDS music, “El sol va a salir” is a pioneering album, and will finally introduce global Latin audiences to stellar, inspiring songs in their own language, marking the beginning of a new era for LDS music.

Name Price
Glorioso $0.99
Mi oración $0.99
En cada corazón $0.99
Quién soy $0.99
Yo soy Su hija $0.99
En un lejano cerro fue $0.99
Puedes dar más $0.99
Tal como soy $0.99
El sol va a salir $0.99
Justo donde estás $0.99

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