EFY 2015: Here Am I Accompaniment Album
Various Artists


Especially For Youth is back, and better than ever! This year’s album features beloved pop singer David Archuleta on the poignant “He Showed Me How”, a soul-bearing ballad he co-wrote with singer-songwriter Stephanie Smith. Madilyn Paige, a finalist on NBC’s The Voice, also makes an appearance, delivering a stunning performance on “We Are”, a bold, electrifying missionary anthem. Brimming with the best in today’s inspirational music, Here Am I is a milestone album and an instant classic.

Name Price
Here Am I (instrumental) $0.99
Here Am I (no lead vocal) $0.99
We Are (instrumental) $0.99
We Are (no lead vocal) $0.99
Dare To Stand Alone (instrumental) $0.99
Dare To Stand Alone (no lead vocal) $0.99
I Believe (instrumental) $0.99
I Believe (no lead vocal) $0.99
Miracle (instrumental) $0.99
Miracle (no lead vocal) $0.99
That's Why (instrumental) $0.99
That's Why (no lead vocal) $0.99
He Showed Me How (instrumental) $0.99
He Showed Me How (no lead vocal) $0.99
The Man I'm Meant to Be (instrumental) $0.99
The Man I'm Meant to Be (no lead vocal) $0.99
He Hears Your Heart (instrumental) $0.99
He Hears Your Heart (no lead vocal) $0.99
Not So Little (instrumental) $0.99
Not So Little (no lead vocal) $0.99
Our Savior's Love (instrumental) $0.99
Our Savior's Love (no lead vocal) $0.99
Lay It Down (instrumental) $0.99
Lay It Down (no lead vocal) $0.99
Legacy (instrumental) $0.99
Legacy (no lead vocal) $0.99

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