Lightning Strikes MP3 Album
Maddie Wilson

We first met Maddie Wilson on 2013’s EFY album, Firm in the Faith, where she brought her warm, honeyed, middle-America vocals to the country-tinged “One Day at a Time”. Since then, she’s launched a career in Nashville and recorded a full-length solo debut titled Lightning Strikes, produced by the always-awesome Brandon Metcalf, who has worked with artists like Phoenix and Blues Traveler.

Lightning Strikes takes Maddie’s golden summer-afternoon voice on a tour de force in ten
stellar tracks. On the beautifully acoustic “Girls”, a pensive Wilson manages to evoke Gillian Welch’s easy, conversational storytelling while taking on the mean girls with all the love in the world. Just seconds before that, she burns an old boyfriend’s hopes to the ground with “You Ain’t All That”, an electric-guitar-driven romp that makes it clear quite clear whatever it was, it’s over. Whether she’s backed by banjo and mandolin, or screaming guitars and drums, her rich, round vocals bring each phrase straight home, delivering an invitation to be bold, to say what you mean, whether it’s “I love you” or “we’re through”.

Name Price
Chelsey's Boyfriend $0.99
Fortune Cookie $0.99
Echo $0.99
Waiting for Lightning to Strike $0.99
You Ain't All That $0.99
Girls $0.99
I Think We Should Date $0.99
Echo (Acoustic) $0.99
Chelsey's Boyfriend (Acoustic) $0.99
You Ain't All That (Writing Session Worktape 10/1514) $0.99

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