By the Voice of My Servants Paper Songbook
Various Artists

Two of LDS Music’s best-known songwriters come together to deliver a heartfelt collection of songs in this memorable new release. Tyler Castleton, one of the guiding hands behind EFY music, joins prolific LDS songwriter Wayne Burton to write a pioneering concept album: ten original songs, each inspired by a specific quote from a 2015 General Conference address. The result is a melodic and memorable take on Latter-day revelation. On “We Are Not Alone,” Scott Krippayne delivers an articulate
piano tune with his signature smokey baritone; an invitation to be spiritually awake and alert. “Four-inch Screen,” performed by Madilyn Paige, is a sunny reminder to unplug and focus on relationships over devices. The songs range from meditative to rousing, from reverent to fun-loving, making this album a way the entire family can revisit the words of prophets and find new insight as well as enjoyment.

Name Price
Look to Him $2.95
Peace $2.95
Place of Healing $2.95
Choose to Believe $2.95
We Belong $2.95
We Are Not Alone $2.95
Faithful $2.95
Four-Inch Screen $2.95
All I Need to Know $2.95
The One $2.95

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