Streams of Mercy CD
Kimberly Maycock

On her debut album Streams of Mercy, singer-songwriter Kimberly Maycock uses a palette inspired by the sounds of Middle America - guitar, piano, mandolin, and the occasional string section - to tell stories of heartache and hope. “Beyond Goodbye,” a stirring, personal story of loss, begins as a sparse and introspective tune with just guitar and voice, and builds to a hopeful, full ending. This pattern of nuanced folk arrangements with layers that build and fade can be found throughout the album, giving each song a surprising emotional range. In “Reaching,” a mid-tempo number about the Savior’s ability to give us strength beyond our own, a cinematic string arrangement lends warmth as well as color to a compelling message of boundless hope.  With its moving words, textured arrangements, and heartfelt songwriting, Streams of Mercy is a new LDS classic.

Name Price
Streams of Mercy $0.99
Beyond Goodbye $0.99
Precious $0.99
Lead Me (Lead Kindly Light/I am a Child of God) $0.99
Reaching $0.99
Labor of Love $0.99
God So Loved the World $0.99
Tempest $0.99
Come Ye Disconsolate $0.99
Because of Him $0.99
How Great Thou Art $0.99
Come Thou Fount/Amazing Grace $0.99

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