EFY 2016: What Matters Most CD
Various Artists

EFY’s 2016 album, “What Matters Most,” is overflowing with riveting new voices singing anthems that get to the heart of why we are here. American Idol finalist Jenn Blosil’s moody, honey-and-ash tone delivers a gripping message of healing and redemption on the pensive ballad “Change Your Heart.” Newcomer Keiyana Osmond makes “Grateful In All Things” not just a song about happiness, but a source of it too, with her smooth, shady summer day voice. And on “Still Small Voice,” a delicate whisper of a ballad, Jena Woods’ pure, translucent vocals shine in the quietest way.

 Rounding out the album are a crop of stellar tunes by EFY favorites. Soul man Ryan Innes does what only he can do on “Light of the World,” a hopeful, mid tempo ballad that builds to a triumphant end. Scott Krippayne’s “New Song” is an irresistibly sunny, windows-down ode to new beginnings. And Nik Day’s upbeat, pop-inflected “Last Time” is a burst of light that’ll make you feel unstoppable.

 “What Matters Most” is a triumph of an album; a perfect combination of the voices you’ve come to love in previous releases and ones that will win you over on the first listen. Together, they deliver a message that’s never been more urgent: one of unflappable hope in the face of difficulty.

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What Matters Most $0.99
Grateful In All Things $0.99
You Are Called $0.99
Change Your Heart $0.99
Light Of The World $0.99
Daughters $0.99
New Song $0.99
Real To Me $0.99
Real Man $0.99
Still Small Voice $0.99
Last Time $0.99
Because He Lives $0.99

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