The Buddy System MP3 Album
Cherie Call; Lyndy Butler

Cherie Call and Lyndy Butler come together for a freewheeling, magical children’s album full of warm, imaginative, playful tunes. Call’s beloved, rich alto and Butler’s whispering, affectionate tone make a stellar duo, and on “The Buddy System” they explore the whole gamut of child experience. From the melodramatic romp “Oh No! Oh Yes!” to the dulcet, poignant “I Love You All the Colors,” their songs evoke scenes from daily life with children in color and detail. Sometimes singing from a parent’s point of view, and sometimes from a child’s, Call and Butler seem to have honed an uncanny ability to find magic in the everyday. Their arrangements build a conversational, casual acoustic sound on Americana roots, and they tend to stay light and understated, letting the melodies come forward. In “The Astronaut and the Mermaid,” a delightfully fanciful celebration of differences, Call delivers a songwriting  and storytelling masterpiece: simple but fascinating, sweet but profound. And in “Like a Butterfly,” Butler’s delicate, fluid voice goes straight for your heart with a tale of resilience and emerging self-confidence. If you’re looking for a children’s album your kids will have on repeat for weeks - without a single objection from you  - this is it. 

Name Price
My Greatest Adventure $0.99
If That's What You Want to Do $0.99
Oh, No! Oh, Yes! $0.99
I Love You All the Colors $0.99
The Astronaut and the Mermaid $0.99
Yours and Mine $0.99
The Buddy System $0.99
There for You $0.99
Like a Butterfly $0.99
Radio Flyer $0.99

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