Old Time Religion CD
The Lower Lights

The Lower Lights' Old Time Religion is the gospel/folk/bluegrass/country collective's first non-Christmas album not to follow the naming convention A Hymns Revival: Volume X. Maybe it's because the band never expected to record more than a volume or two. Or maybe, like a lot of artists, it just felt like the right time to try something different. Whatever it was, the album finds the group continuing to explore the spiritual songbook—from the very beating heart of gospel music like the father of gospel music Thomas Dorsey's "Peace In The Valley" out towards the frontier with less-traditional, but no less spiritual, songs by Dolly Parton, Stevie Wonder, Julie Miller, and more. And don't worry: there are still some classic hymns there, like "Lord, I Would Follow Thee" and "Amazing Grace." The album also finds a group comfortable in its own skin, doing what it does best (like harmonies on "The Seeker", "I Hear A Call", "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms", and more; and fantastic rootsy musicianship like on the title track and "Down To The River To Pray", among other trademarks), as well as willing to try some new clothes on—a capella on "Amazing Grace", a minor key dirge on "All My Tears", a swampy rocker on "Run On For A Long Time", and a soulful minimalist approach on the traditional "Workin' On A Buildling." As always with The Lower Lights, there are so many different, talented singers and musicians across the experience of the record, that there's something for just about everyone.


Name Price
Amazing Grace $0.99
Old Time Religion $0.99
The Seeker $0.99
Peace in the Valley $0.99
I Hear a Call $0.99
I'm Working on a Building $0.99
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms $0.99
Have a Talk with God $0.99
Down to the River to Pray $0.99
Go Rest High on that Mountain $0.99
Lord, I Would Follow Thee $0.99
Run on for a Long Time $0.99
All My Tears $0.99
I'll Fly Away $0.99

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