Learn The Piano In 5 Easy Steps: A Self-Guided Piano Course For Beginners Paper Songbook
Mary James

“Learn the Piano in Five Easy Steps” is a self-guided piano course that effectively introduces the beginner of any age to the fundamentals of piano playing.   This method encourages the student to learn, play, and master the five-note scales of six major keys and teaches the basics of notation, location of the notes on the keyboard, and timing of notes.  Simple songs that correspond with each of the six five-note scales are used for practice.  Proper finger techniques are emphasized for learning quickly, and the student is taught to keep eyes on the music and gain a “feel” for the piano.  An advanced section later moves on to time signatures and the 8-note C scale, providing additional songs and exercises for mastery.  This newest edition of “Learn the Piano” includes access to online video tutorials and audio examples via QR code or URL to help you learn with or without a teacher. As a course book, it is an excellent companion for The Hymns: Transitional Arrangements.”




Mary has experienced a lifetime of music, learning the piano at an early age and going on to study music at Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Maryland and graduating from BYU with a degree in education and music.While teaching piano to adults at a local college, Mary noticed that many students were entering the school with a background of poor playing habits that were difficult to correct once learned, and that proper skills were not being emphasized for new learners. She
began to develop her teaching method and adapt it to the programs being used at the college.Upon being called to a mission with her husband in Paraguay and encouraged to teach music there, Mary readily noticed a strong need for good piano-teaching materials that would be readily available, easy and quick to learn, and that would insure good playing skills. Thus, she soon developed her course book in Spanish called Toca Bien, which means, “Play well.” Mary’s next goal, as her students were successfully learning the piano, was for them to provide much-needed hymn accompaniment for church services. Realizing that the standard hymns were too difficult for them, but also wanting quality hymn playing that would be adequate and inspiring for the church services, she developed her transitional hymn arrangements.This piano method, with good hymn playing as a prime objective, has proven very successful--in Paraguay and in many missions throughout the world. The English edition of her course book first kept the Spanish title but is now known as "Learn the Piano."

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