Departure - Original Piano Solos Downloadable Songbook
Anne Britt

Innovative pianist/composer, Anne Britt, creates a memorable trip through canyons, island paradises, ancient rocky structures, magnificent waterfalls, and Amazon jungles in her new original piano solo book, “Departure”. With twelve original pieces, “Departure” contains a musical adventure for every taste. Take a trip to a Cuban island paradise in the opening solo “Cayo Coco Island” with its exotic melody and rhythms. Or hop on for a wild ride on a southern Oregon mountain trail in “Eight Dollar Boogie” with its lively boogie woogie beat. Looking for an inspiring hike? “Temple of Aeolus” captures the majestic grandeur of reaching a summit with breathtaking views in all directions. Stop by “Little Niagara” with its bright, bounding melodies which  evoke  images of cascading water . “Erratic Rock” will shake your world with a feel that is just that—erratic! This piece incorporates fun and challenging rhythms and time signature changes that create unpredictable yet exciting patterns and movement. More of a homebody? Britt concludes her book with a meditative piece titled “Journey of Remembrance” reminding us that not all trips worth taking have to be outside of our front door—sometimes the best journeys are those of remembrance. An adventurous delight for the intermediate to late intermediate pianist, “Departure” is a solo book that will keep you coming back for more.

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