EFY 2017: The Way To Become Songbook Selections Downloadable Songbook
Various Artists

EFY’s 2017 album, The Way to Become, is packed with inspiration, hope, and encouragement on  the journey to become like the Savior.  It is a reminder of an intimate God who walks beside you, who can be reached, and who is caring for you daily, moment by moment.  The title song of the album, delivered in Jamison Tyler’s textured style, is a positive reminder of the happiness that is found in the choice to change and become better.  The Voice top-15 contestant, Kenz Hall, lends her rich sound to “Belief,” a message about trusting in something you can’t see but that gives life a higher purpose.  Yahosh Bonner brings his soul and rhythm to “Live,” a danceable tune that’s a burst of sunshine encouraging us to open our eyes in gratitude and wonder and share everyday miracles.  Veteran EFY vocalist, Julie Yardley Rose, is back with "His Love Will Lead You Home," a tender, it’ll-be-okay ballad testifying that God’s perfect love will answer questions, relieve burdens, and reach you wherever you are. With even more stellar tunes from familiar names like Nik Day, Patch Crowe, and Maddie Wilson, this album is an instant classic!

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