Twenty-Five Beloved Hymns of the Restoration CD
Michael Dowdle

On Twenty-Five Beloved Hymns of The Restoration guitarist Michael Dowdle shares twenty-five of our most beloved hymns proclaiming the glorious restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Stirring and inspiring melodies that testify of The Prophet Joseph Smith and the First Vision, Living Prophets, A Loving Heavenly Father, and our Savior Jesus Christ. Over 70 minutes of wonderful music. Speaking of this new album Michael writes: "This second beloved hymns album is a heartfelt expression of my musical testimony of the reality of the restoration of the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. As you listen to the sacred strains of these hymns, please know that I have prayerfully sought the Spirit of the Lord to guide my heart and my hands in the recording of this album. I have a burning testimony that this gospel is the true plan of our Father in Heaven for our eternal happiness."

Name Price
Joseph Smith's First Prayer $0.99
Israel Israel God is Calling $0.99
Praise to the Man $0.99
We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet $0.99
Adam-ondi Ahman $0.99
A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief $0.99
Come O Thou King of Kings $0.99
Though Deepening Trials $0.99
Come Sing to the Lord $0.99
High on a Mountain Top $0.99
Now Let Us Rejoice $0.99
O My Father $0.99
Press Forward Saints $0.99
The Wintry Day Decending to its Close $0.99
For the Strength of the Hills $0.99
Come Come Ye Saints $0.99
If You Could Hie to Kolob $0.99
Faith in Every Footstep $0.99
The Iron Rod $0.99
Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice $0.99
The Spirit of God $0.99
An Angel From on High $0.99
O Ye Mountains High $0.99
The Morning Breaks $0.99
Faith of our Fathers $0.99

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